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Michael Hellickson was born to Vernon and Barbara Hellickson on January 18th 1973.

An entrepreneur from an early age, Michael began finding ways to make money as early as 8 years old when he recruited neighborhood kids to help him collect newspapers and aluminum cans, which he recycled for money. By the time he was 15, Michael had started a landscaping company which would eventually employ over 20 of his young friends.

Soon after, at the age of 18, and while still in high school, Michael began studying to take the Washington State Real Estate License Exam. Incredibly, after only 2 weeks of intense study, he passed the exam and obtained his real estate license. Michael immediately went to work, after school and on weekends, and literally became the top agent in his office before graduating from high school with the rest of his class in June!

Despite his rapid success as a licensed real estate agent, something was missing. Michael’s heart was guiding him to a greater calling. Suspending his activities as a real estate agent, at great financial loss, Michael made the decision to volunteer for the cause he felt most worthy.

From 1992-1994, Michael served a full time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Germany. He has often referred to this time as the most important and enjoyable 2 years of his life as a single young man. Michael credits his missionary service as the time of greatest personal and professional growth he has experienced.

Upon return from his mission, Michael picked up right where he left off as a licensed real estate agent. Quickly becoming the top real estate agent in Washington State. Clearly the suspension of his duties had no ill affect on his ability to succeed. His appeal as a real estate agent would soon reach epic proportions!

Soon after arriving home from his mission, Michael met his amazing wife Tara. Initially, Tara worked for Michael as his personal real estate assistant. Over the next few years, a deep friendship and eventually a romance developed. Michael states “When one loses oneself in someone else, they receive license to achieve true happiness. This only comes with the suspension of ego and all selfishness.”

Michael and Tara Hellickson became husband and wife on February 20th 1999, and soon after became the proud parents of two wonderful children, Austin Michael and Madison Hellickson.

While Madison was still a young baby, Michael was elected to the Federal Way City Council.

Over the coming years, Tara and Michael built the #1 Real Estate Team in the Nation, with over 44 employees and 100+ listings and sales a month!

At the peak of his career, Hellickson discovered the Washington State Department of Licensing was breaking the law. At the urging of his attorney, Michael sought, and successfully obtained a court order  prohibiting the states unlawful behavior. He will tell you that this was the worst business decision of his life.

Winning the battle only served to invoke the wrath of a government body unwilling to follow the law themselves. Eventually, in n action one judge would refer to as “Clearly retaliatory behavior”, the State suspended Michael Hellickson’s license to sell real estate. Although he was eventually exonerated when a judge overturned the suspension, Michael says the emotional trauma and negativity surrounding the incessant retaliation of the DOL,¬† caused he and Tara to give up the fight and allow the state to suspend their real estate licenses for 10 years.

Fortunately, Michael and Tara were able to sell their business, ensuring their clients would be well cared for, prior to the end of their real estate careers. (For the full story on the battle with the state, visit www.MichaelHellicksonTruth.com)

Crediting this as one of life’s greatest lessons, Michael says his relationships with friends and family, with his wife and children, and even his Heavenly Father have never been better.

Subsequent to their real estate careers, Michael and Tara started several new companies, each of which were extremely successful. Through one of the companies, Club Wealth, Michael coached and trained many top business leaders in the US. His appeal as an executive coach was well known, and he commanded rates in excess of $1,000/hour while helping CEO’s achieve massive success across many industries!

Today, Club Wealth and it’s founder have become deeply involved in the mergers and acquisitions of small companies across the US and Canada.

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